Catch N Cook Over Night Jungle Adventure EP.351

This is a great catch n cook video where I explore the jungle on an over night adventure. I catch so many fish, most of them aren’t even used in the video. I catch mangrove jack or mangrove snapper as well as Barramundi or Barra, many Tarpon, a Bream and a Gudgeon.

I end up catching and cooking a Tarpon on an open fire in true bush style. I have never done a catch n cook for a Tarpon and it’s interesting to see what tarpon tastes like. I sleep in my hammock with my sleeping bag, pillow and ground mat. There are many cool fish strikes and lure attacks in this video. Jacks or Snapper just love to attack top water lures.

I used Ecooda Jerk Bait lures in sizes 65mm and 85mm as well as SAKU snoop dog top water lures in size 70mm. I also used a Samaki Zing rod and an Ecooda Blackhawk II 2000 reel, spooled with Ecooda 20 pound braid.

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FILLETING KNIFE: Buck Knives 0220BLS-C –

BRAID FISHING LINE – KastKing SuperPower –

LIVELY LURES: Cheers Alan Dolan –
Be sure to check out the new ZIGGY’s they are amazing!

Lenses I’m using – Prescription available.
Mirror Blue – G2H5


• Computer – Apple Mac Pro 2013

Memory Upgrade Kit for 2013 Mac Pro
OWC 128GB (4x 32GB) 1333MHz 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DIMM (PC3-10600) –

Solid-State Drive Upgrade
OWC 2.0TB Aura SSD for Mac Pro –

• Editing Software – Final Cut Pro X (FCPx)


• Main camera – Gopro Hero 3 Black –
My usual settings – 1080p, 30fps, Med FOV, full auto.

• Underwater Camera – GoPro HERO5 Black –
My usual settings – 1080p, 60fps, Wide FOV, full auto.

• Strike Camera – Water Wolf Under Water HD Camera – Default settings 720p.

• Backup Camera – GoPro HERO4 Session –

• Zoom Camera – Panasonic HC-V180K Full HD Camcorder –
My usual settings – 1080p, 50fps, full auto.

• Steady Shots – GoPro Camera Karma Grip –

• DJI Spark, Fly More Combo –
Full Auto setting.

• DJI Phantom P3-STANDARD –
My usual settings – 2k7, Full auto.

• Soluser 25000mAh Rugged Solar Power Bank 2.1A USB Output Battery Bank –

• Rangers 57” Ultra Compact & Lightweight Aluminum Tripod –

BOAT: (about ,000 fully fitted out with gear)

• Hull-Goldrush Aggressor 5.6m

• Motor-Yamaha F60

• Electric motor – Motor Guide Xi5

• Sounder-Hummingbird 798csi


Wheels by Wheeleez AU- –

Canoe-Old Town Discovery119

Kayak-Australia Bass


• Reel ECOODA Black Hawk II 1500/2000/3000/4000/4500/5000 –

• FinNor Lethal Spinning Reel Lt100 –

• Rod-Samaki Zing 5’4″ 4-10lb SZG-541SL

• Jigging Rod-Hearty Rise SS-681-1 (120g) –

• Jigging Rod-Hearty Rise 53S-500 (500g) –

• Fly rod-Gavin Hurley #9 Saltwater Guide Series –

• Fly Reel-Gavin Hurley #8/9 Saltwater Series –

• Fly Line-Rio Tropical Clear Tip

My 4×4
Landrover Discovery 1995 model.
Faithful old girl, but need lots of maintenance.

4×4 Driving LED Lights by – Auxbeam
V-series 32 inch RGBW led light bar –
S4-series led headlight bulbs –


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Tying A Clear Stretch Pheasant Tail Nymph By Mak

A Great Pattern all year around
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Fly Fishing: Froggy Fly, The Bass Killer

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Aggieland fly fishing for bass near Bryan, Texas in early April 2011. By September the drought of 2011 dried up and killed this little lake. Many of the fishing holes around Central Texas and west of this area succumbed to the extreme heat and drought.

Tying instruction for the smaller version of the froggy fly

Music is by Matthew McGhee and can be purchased at

Trout Fishing With Bobbers!

trout fishing with bobbers at White Pines Lake CA

Steelhead Fly Fishing – Spey & Switch – Red Truck Fly Rods – Explore

Music by Daniel Mehta for the fish of a thousand casts requires a superior fly rod. Catching a wild steelhead on a fly doesn’t happen on every cast, so choosing a great casting fly rod is paramount for enjoyment on the river. Red Truck Diesel and Premium fly rods offer the ultimate in design, materials, components and performance. Red Truck’s focused selection of Switch and Spey fly rods have you covered. From larger sized steelhead rivers to tighter, brush-lined streams, either our 13’7″ # Spey rod or our 11′ #7 Switch rod will bring shivers to your casting hands and chrome to the bank.

Fly Fishing For Large Brown Trout In The Smokies In The Fall

Ian & Charity Rutter discuss fall fly fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains for large wild brown trout

Fly Fishing Morgan Run With The Troutmen

Fly Fishing. Here is the final cut of the Fly Fishing Morgan Run Episode. This episode will be broken into two parts since I prefer to keep each movie under 10 min. I can only hold your attention for so long. Besides it takes me hours and hours in the editing room to produce a few minutes of final work. So for the sake of my sanity I will break this into two parts. I adjusted the music on this final cut since earlier versions felt too slow. I love the “how you like me now” track. Tell me what you think, I love all the responses I’ve received so far it keeps me motivated to make more! Enjoy!

Barrancoso River Argentina Fly Fishing By Todd Moen

Although it’s not my first video of southern Argentina’s crazy wind, huge trout and amazing scenery, “Barrancoso River” is probably both the most fun and the most challenging video I’ve ever shot for Catch Magazine. It was fun! This is thanks to Tim Rajeff and Katherine Hart, of Rajeff Sports, who are nothing less than rocks stars and fabulous anglers. They make it happen in hurricane-like winds and impossible fishing conditions. And they make it fun. There is no other couple I’d rather film, travel with and work with than these two fine folks.

It was challenging also. The winds, the unpredictable weather and the crazy moon rock landscape of this area tested every aspect of my ability as a camera operator and aerial photographer. While the weather was extreme, the huge fish that chased our mouse patterns and bomber flies were also extreme. Thanks to the great crew at Laguna Verde Lodge for getting us to the places with fish and for making the impossible a possibility. Karim Jador is one of the many guides to thank. Like always, I am so thankful for the folks who can get me and my camera gear to the fish. But my biggest gratitude goes to those beautiful, double-digit sized trout that live and survive there long enough for me to film them.

Filmed November 2013 – Camera and Edit by Todd Moen.
Special thanks to friends Tim Rajeff and Katherine Hart –
And Karim Jador at

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Thanks to Patagonia for all the support with my work with fish and anglers from around the world.

*Camera Information*
– Aerial solutions by Quadrocopter.

– High quality aerial filter and adapters solutions here – Snake River
Prototyping –
– GoPro 3 Black Edition –
– Sony RX-100
– Panasonic Ag-160a

Fly Fishing New Zealand ‘the DREAM STREAM’

With a long winter fast approaching, myself (Mike Kirkpatrick) and good mate Hans Kreuer, have planned a last fishing trip for the season to the North Island. We’d made a made a tentative contact with Miles Rushmer, who guides up around the Bay of Plenty
region. We were to find out it was indeed a ‘a bay of plenty’…
A big thanks to Miles for giving so generously of his time. It was great to experience something so completely different from what we have at the top of the South Island for sure, and while it may not be every anglers cup of tea, we left with permanent smiles for a few days.
Its important to note that these are pre-spawning fish moving up the system and we made a pre-trip decision not to target any fish in spawning mode. We also practiced ‘limiting our catch’ not ‘catching our limit’ I certainly hope you enjoy my wee movie and tight lines.
Mike is available for guided fly fishing based in the Nelson region

Strobel Lake By Todd Moen – Argentina Fly Fishing

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Stroble – Camera & Edit by Todd Moen
For this and more go to
Special thanks to Katherine Hart co-owner at Rajeff Sports for making things happen in unbelievably tough conditions.

A huge thanks to the Karim Jodor and the crew at Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge located in the Patagonia region of Argentina.
For more info about fly fishing this amazing destination for giant rainbow trout go to

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