#1 – Fly Fishing For Brown Trout – Autumn

Gink fly dressing:
Flicker spinners:
A quick fishing session in the upper river Derwent about 1 mile below the Derwent Reservoir. At the end of the season, the fish have seen every fly and lure, the water is low (and clear) and they are very educated.
That makes catching them so much more difficult.
Any moron can haul trout out when the mayfly hatch is on or by standing at the top of a pool dragging a wet fly back up through it but there is something special about catching smart fish on tiny flies – much more satisfying.
I was using a 7′ Hardy smuggler 6 piece rod with weight 4 floating line and 2lb nylon which was about 10′ long.
Its been almost a year since I used any rod so my casting wasn’t perfect but still produced the goods. There was loads of high vegetation on the river bank so putting a nice straight line out was difficult as I has to lift the backcast up over the obstructions.