GoPro: Fly Fishing The Trinity River

Join Paul Crandell and friends as they spend a week chasing Steelhead on the Trinity River in beautiful Northern California.

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera from ‪

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The Brought Low “A Better Life Inst.”

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Spatsizi By Todd Moen – British Columbia Fly Fishing

Click Here To Subscribe ► – At roughly 2 million acres, the Spatsizi Wilderness in northern British Columbia, is the home waters for the Collingwood Family of Spatsizi Wilderness Lodge. This film documents Ray Collingwood’s vision, beginning in the late 60’s, to operate a world-class rainbow trout fly-fishing lodge with his family. With stunning aerial footage of the Eaglenest Range and Firesteel River Valley, including birds-eye views from Ray Collingwood’s multiple float planes, Todd Moen highlights the essence of family in this fly-fishing heaven. This rare and epic day with father-daughter duo, Ray Collingwood and Carrie Collingwood, in a world-class rainbow trout fishery will capture the heart of every angler. There is no doubt about it, the Collingwood Family has it figured out right.
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Camera and Edit by Todd Moen.
Special thanks to friends Carrie Collingwood, Ray Collingwood and Billy Labonte.

Thanks to Patagonia for being a huge supporter of my work for over 3 years.

*Camera Information*
– Aerial solutions by Quadrocopter.

– High quality aerial filter and adapters solutions here – Snake River
Prototyping –
– GoPro 3 Black Edition –
– Sony RX-100
– Panasonic Ag-160a

Spatsizi is included on the Season 6 DVD available at the Catch Magazine store here..

Fly Fishing Rainbow Trout

Trout Fishing with fly rods. We made the 1,625 mile drive from MI to fish the famed Missouri river in Montana. Mostly a dry fly and emerger bite. Three trips to the river are combined into this one video.


Backcountry Golden Dorado By Todd Moen – Argentina Fly Fishing

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Salta Province in NW Argentina is the only place on earth where you can consistently catch large freshwater dorado (Salminus maxilosus) on small, clear streams.
Parque Nacional del Rey in Salta is located in the transition zone between the high altitude Andes range and the Yunga, an extension of the Amazon watershed.

Backcountry Golden Dorado – Camera & Edit by Todd Moen

Fly Fishing Knots, The Albright Knot. Backing To Fly Line.

Attaching fly line to backing using the Albright Knot.

Years ago we would have to tie our oun loops to the back end of the fly line to attach our running line. The nail knot, tied with a tube is easier but when we expect to be into our backing with every hook up I want a knot that will slide thru the rods guide smoothly. The nail knot does this fine, but when you have a fast bone fish, or permit, salmon, or steelhead, you want a knot that won’t strip the outer coating of the fly line. Now days it seems all the fly line makers are putting a loop on the back end of the lines. Here we show you how to tie the Albright Knot.

Boise Idaho’s Premier Fly Fishing & Casting School.
Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Spey & Switch Casting

Winter Flyfishing Shaker – Uncut Angling – January 31, 2013

Justin Petracek and Aaron do some river fly fishing in winter, and catch a few different species, including a giant foul-hooked Carp!!!

Blood Knot

Detailed instructions for tying a Blood Knot.

Beginner Trout Fishing

Beginner trout fishing

Big Fish, Small Stream. Fly Fishing Colorado May 13, 2012

Skip to1:45 to see the hook up with the Big Guy
Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park Available Movie available at:

I happened to be at the right place at the right time and hooked into a large trout hiding in a small stream.

Alaska Fly Fishing – Rainbow Trout (1/3 – 1080p HD)

Fly Fishing for Rainbow trout in Alaska is an experience not to be missed. Join Scott Kemp, owner of Saltery Lodge, and Barrett Mattison as they hit a stream in southeast Alaska.

Filmed in full resoultion 1080p.