Backpacking To Epic Trout Fishing High Country! Cooking Brookies For Dinner!

7 hours of hiking much of it off-trail bushwhacking through the thick brush and Dead fall not to mention the brutal off road jeep trail that gets us to our starting point. Elevations ranging from 10 – 11,500 ft through a thick conifer forest that has been devastated by a beetle infestation. This is one of the most arduous trips I have ever done, but the awesome trout fishing keeps me going back! Beautiful Char, brook trout that I utilize for food to save weight in my backpack. Cooking up trout and potatoes meals on a daily basis with my Firebox wood burning cook stove.
Much of the camping gear used in my videos is available at my website. Please take the time to go to my website where you will find unique, practical and versatile gear. I’ve been trying different gear and using different methods for the last 25 years to narrow down what works best for me. You can take advantage of all that work and experience as I only sell the gear that I use myself.

In this video I test the Overkill Custom Mod. I plan to make this kit available soon! And yes, it will work on your Nano you already have! Only 7oz in Ti and as much power as the Big 5″ Firebox!

Have fun out there!