How To Fish For Trout: Trout Fishing Rig With Powerbait Or Gulp

Hey everyone, this is a very simple trout rig for ponds and lakes, where you use powerbait or gulp to catch the trout. Thanks For Watching!


Pike Fly Fishing For Big Pike: Pike Flyfishing With Poppers

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ORVIS – Fly Casting Lessons – The Snake Roll Cast

The snake roll is a change-of-direction cast that helps you make a quick transition from having your line hanging straight downstream to shooting it out in front of you. Much like a roll cast, It’s extremely helpful to know in situations where you don’t have much back cast room.

By tracing a lower-case “e” with your rod tip, you will re-position your line by 90 degrees. Then all you do is make a standard roll-cast presentation. It may look complicated or difficult, but in reality it is a very simple motion and cast to learn. ORVIS casting instructor Peter Kutzer will get you snake rolling your way out of a tricky casting situation in no time after watching this lesson.

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Indian Village Children On Fly Fishing Vacations I Ways Of Fishing : Native Fish Hunters

Fish Hunting in India | Primitive style of Catching Fish. Unique Technique by Villagers
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Tenkara Brook Trout Fishing

Brook Trout Fishing in small streams with my daughter and stepdaughter.

How To Fish Wet Flies-Wet Fly Fishing

George Lashinsky

Pawn Stars: Antique Fly Fishing Rod | History

Corey haggles over a mint condition fly-fishing rod made from bamboo in this scene from “Mini Rick.”

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Pawn Stars
Season 14
Episode 22
Mini Rick

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FLY TV – Mountain Brownies – Fly Fishing For Big Brown Trout

In this episode of FLY TV, Niklaus Bauer and Daniel Bergman travel with helicopter far out to the Ammarnäs mountains together with their guide Ulf Johansson from Ammarnäs Fishing Centre on a trout fly fishing journey. Their quest is to catch big brown trouts in a small mountain lake where extremely few people fish each year. Due to the hot weather they also bring two belly boats to be able to seek the fish in the deeper parts of the lake, where the water is a little cooler and where probably no one else has ever fly fished before…

They start out with streamers and sinking lines and later in the afternoon they try out the dry fly fishing. They also try to catch the big predatory trouts on mouse and lemming imitations in the surface and when the first brownie take the lemming as if there were no tomorrow, the joy is complete…

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Fly Fishing Trout Montana Lakes

Cool clips of trout rising to flies.

Fly Fishing England – Buckingham Trout By Todd Moen

When I was invited by Tim Rajeff, of Rajeff Sports, to film on England’s River Esk and the historic chalk stream, River Avon, I could not resist. This is the birthplace of dry fly fishing, an area of rich traditions and history, from the sword to the modern fly rod. On this trip, I met up with Tim’s colleagues from Airflo, spey casters Richard Wothers and Gareth Jones. Fishing in the shadow of castles and in brilliant green pastures, these anglers stalk and catch grayling, rainbow and brown trout, all feasting on mayflies. This film highlights the history and sacred rules of England’s famous dry fly fishing heritage. Thanks to Airflo, Patagonia and Rajeff Sports for making this film happen. It was, for me, a religious experience and one I’ll never forget.
Pulled from the Catch Magazine Vault – Shot and edited December 2012 for Catch Magazine.

Camera and Edit by Todd Moen.
Special thanks to friends Gareth Jones and Tim Rajeff

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Thanks to Patagonia for all the support with my work with fish and anglers from around the world.

*Camera Information*
– Panasonic Ag-160a